Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goooooood morning!

I woke up at 5:30am today, and tossed and turned as I tried to go back to sleep.

Last night’s Supernatural episode was great, Dean is such a tortured character, and that was probably what Jared meant in that interview that “Dean gets some action” this season. Apparently, Jensen didn’t remember because HE didn’t get the action, the teenage Dean did. Man, I love those guys. I finally got caught up and now I love watching the earlier shows because they are such BABIES then! Can’t believe I waited eight years to get into the show And interesting twist on the Walking Dead with the Governor being almost, kinda, possibly likable. I liked that he turned down the corner of the picture to show that he is no longer that guy. He’s got his Penny substitute and even HE got some action (poor Dean!)! But no Daryl and Carol. I hear that there’s going to be another Governor only episode and then just one more before the “mid-season” break. That sucks. I don’t know about that “Almost Human” show yet. Have to watch it again I think. No Daryl for another episode? I really REALLY want to see the reaction to Rick kicking Carol out of the prison. Oh man, I’ve got to finish that template at work today. And get the timeline for that other project. I hope Calypso is OK, at least he has pooped for the last two days and he’s beginning to eat his old dry food again. And how am I going to follow-up on that other project? I wonder what our 2014 schedule will be… I wonder if I can get a refund on all of that special food he won’t touch? It’s so expensive, but probably not. And I really have to run a couple of times this week so that I’ll be ready for the Turkey Trot next week. And I get to see Kingsley and Annie! And the fam! I need to call Mom & Dad. I need to make that squash and parsnips recipe to see if I like it so I can take it to Cathy’s. I need to figure out how I can pay her back and pay for car repairs. Or just leave them until next month. I really liked Thor, and I love those guys too. Talk about bromances! Ooo, I think Supernatural should do a take on “Some Like It Hot” – that would be hilarious! Castiel would be the guy at the end, “nobody’s perfect!” hahahaha! “Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony meow meow meow…” Tonight is Montana’s last night, I’ve got to text Eddie and Sharon. I have too many TV shows now dang, what time is it? The alarm is probably about to go off...