Monday, March 8, 2010

The milk of human kindness... or is that coffee?

This morning was turning out to be crap. My allergies are in full-blown "It's SPRING dangit!" mode and my bus misadventures just seem to continue to haunt me on Monday mornings. BUT, as it turned out my bus came shortly after the (running very late) other bus route and got me down to work pretty much on time. I stopped by Corner Bakery as I do just about every day, ordered my coffee and a panini because I was hungry and then looked into my ginormous bag for my wallet... and looked... and looked... and... Crap! I left my wallet on my couch after I used it to add money to my laundry card yesterday!

I looked up to the cashier and said, "Uh, I have a problem! I think I left my wallet at home!" I was about to cancel everything and walk away, but she put the coffee cup up on the counter and said, "Oh no problem, you get your coffee and food today, and pay us tomorrow." At first I thought she was just going to give me a free coffee, but no, she trusted me to come back tomorrow and pay for the whole thing! "You're a regular customer, no problem!"

So, yes, I got my bacon and cheddar panini (I'm sure it's extremely healthy for you), and the best coffee in town, and walked to work smiling. And then I saw the guy walking his corgi... and I smiled even bigger!

What a nice start to the week! And it could have been so much worse! ;-)


Emily said...

I love happy stories!! Glad everything turned out alright. And yes, Corner Bakery rocks. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this story ... and a corgi on top! LOL. You are a great writer ... as I knew you would be. I'm so happy I figured out how to read your blog. :-)