Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Balderdash, anyone?

Have you ever noticed the words you have to enter when you are posting a comment or getting tickets to something online? You know, the text is all wonky

I think it's supposed to make sure it's a human trying to do whatever you're trying to do. I kinda like the idea that it assumes that a computer can't read wonky text, but sometimes they get really out of hand and even *I* can't read the wonky text!

But, what has caught my attention the most lately is not the weirdness of the text, but the text itself. Have you noticed the WORDS being used? Here is a sampling of the words I've seen lately (and yes, I am just that ana…um… METICULOUS... why?):

  • outsupen
  • gulcater
  • haliseab
  • resoze
  • undster
  • calumme
  • hyperst
  • gisel
  • scrystsh
  • tmentio
  • snesse
  • aedogi
Are those even words? Some of them seem SOOOOO close to being words, but well, I just don't think so… Sounds a bit like a Balderdash game, doesn't it? Can you put it in a sentence, Alex?

I bet I can outsupen you in the gulcater, but you'll have to resoze the hyperst or it will be a calumme! Don't tmentio it to your undster, just scrystsh the haliseab and we'll be gisel. Aedogi?

(Snesse!) Bless you!



Emily said...

Hahaha, this made me so happy. And of course, it made me miss our annual Balderdash games.

PS- The word I'm about to type so this comment can post? slyperse.... a very clever handbag?

Giggles said...

Love it! I think I still have the list of some of our Balderdash definitions, I'll have to find them... :-D

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, after typing in two comments in a row, I was just thinking, "I need to write a post about those silly words they make you write to post a comment!" Are we sisters, or what?!

My word is that I need to avizedu on this. :-)

Giggles said...

Haha! I love that all who have commented are related to me... ;-)