Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Ad Nonsense

You know, I love the Christmas season as much as the next person with a Christian background.  The sounds and smells of Christmas, the generosity and good will that is more evident at this time of year, and the thoughts of love and peace and spending time with your family.

What I don't like about Christmas?  The terrible, awful, no good 'Holiday' ads on TV and radio.   And this year, a new trend* is having people (or animated icons) badly singing a bad Christmas carol with all the words changed to shill their wares.  They completely ignore the spiritual meaning of Christmas, unless it really is all about Santa and boosting the economy.

As I write, there's an ad to the tune of Jingle Bells on TV.  Another ubiquitous one is the new store called "HM" or something which is SOOooooooo bad, to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas, and then there's that Honda dealership with all the employees singing Fa-la-la-la-laaa.

a) Most of these ads have people intentionally singing off key and/or just plain bad.  It's actually a little painful.

b) Changing the words of a carol to sell your products is just... really not right.  Also sorta lame because it is SO overdone.  I can't wait to see the ad featuring "Amazing Grace"as Amazing Chase Manhattan VISA™ ...

c) These ads play every five minutes. The same ads.  Over and over.  ARGH!  Stop stop stop, you're making me crazy!

All of this is not only making me crazy, but it is impeding my ability to get into the Christmas Spirit.  And I've only got a few more days!

OH well.  Thank goodness there's a total lunar eclipse tonight.  I'll have to stay up for that.

Happy Winter Solstice, y'all!

*or maybe I'm just noticing it more thanks to the awful Quizno's cat commercial earlier in the year - actually made me boycott Quizno's until they stopped playing it.  I guess they thought it was cute. Note to Quizno's:  IT'S NOT CUTE!!!! IT'S HORRIBLE!!!

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I was listening to Best Buy's 12 Days commercial and laughing because of you. But one of my all time favorite commercials usually airs in August. It is for Staples. It is a back to school ad with parents happily shopping for the kids' back to school supplies, with two kids frowning in the background - the sound track: "The most wonderful time of the year!"