Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adventures in Jeopardy (Part 4)

With a little help from my friends (and family)

And then I realized that I had just spent all of my money on airline tickets and I didn’t have any money for Christmas. I started freaking out again and wondering if I was doing the right thing. Should I have said I had a conflict and tried again another time? How was I going to give presents to my family, and pay my rent and bills?

And then I had two friends step up and help me out with loans.  I really don’t think I could have made it to the show without their help, so … THANK YOU, Eddie and Connie!

Something that also amazed me is how many of my friends and co-workers were so excited that I was going to be on Jeopardy. I mentioned that I had been selected to one of my co-workers, who just happens to be in charge of the internal company newsletter, so he announced it to the entire company! So, every time I went into the kitchen, people would ask me random questions. It was great training, and I really appreciate it! And all of my friends – they were just so supportive and amazing! And still are!

I love the fact that many of my friends know of my Jeopardy thing because we used to watch it at the bar together, and I was always one of the first to answer.

One of my favorite stories was about my friend, Sharon’s mother-in-law. She was so excited about me being on Jeopardy that she told all of her friends. So when one of her friends met Sharon for the first time, the first thing she said was, “So I hear you have a friend whose going to be on Jeopardy?” Hahahaha!

(No pressure!)

I was SO excited about the opportunity to be on Jeopardy, but I was also dreading it a bit. What if I failed? What if I didn’t even make it to Final Jeopardy? Would all these people who are supporting me still realize what an amazing thing this is? What if I go completely blank? What if I don’t know any of the answers?!?!?!

So, the week before we left (my sister, Cathy, and I), I noticed that I was getting a little panicky. So I sat myself down and gave myself a good talking to: “At least 3,000 very smart people are in the pool of contestants and only about 400 get on the show. You are one of those 400! Getting ON the show is the prize! Everything else is gravy, so relax! Have a good time! And just do your best!”

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