Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adventures in Jeopardy (Part 5)


January 6, 2013 - Sunday night: I drove over to Cathy and David’s house to spend the night before our trip to LA. I’m not really sure who was more excited, me or Cathy! We got up on Monday and David drove us to the airport. I think Cathy told everyone who would listen that I was going to be on Jeopardy. Thinking about it now, I think there might have been other people on the same flight going to LA for game shows, or to act in a movie, or to be in the audience of a talk show, or whatever. But, no one – and I mean, NO ONE – was more excited than us! LOL

We had (very wisely) reserved aisle seats across from each other, so we were able to communicate the whole flight. We split a fruit & cheese tray, and I think we both got wine. To be honest, a lot of this is still a blur to me. (Brain was not functioning on all pistons…) We got to LA and then had to get a shuttle to a hotel (not where we were staying) to pick up the rental car, and it seemed like that specific shuttle only ran every half hour! Argh!

By the time we got to our hotel, it was already about 8pm our time and I was really hungry for a meal. BUT, it was only 5pm local time, and the restaurant didn’t open until 5:30pm!

So, we hung around for a bit and then were the first customers in the restaurant. Actually, we spent some time trying to fix the computers in the lobby because we were trying to print directions to the studio for Cathy (and yes, the guy at the desk had no clue, but Cathy and I got them working again). The studio was sending a shuttle for the contestants, but all of the guests had to make their own way there – which was why we had decided to rent a car (best decision!).

After a lovely dinner (I have no idea what I ate), we went back to the room and realized it was just about 7pm local time. Of course, we were exhausted! So, we basically got ready for bed and turned on the TV to hang out for a bit so we didn’t wake up at O’Dark Thirty in the morning. I believe we watched a lot of NCIS, and read, and checked email and all that exciting stuff. Because the contestants must bring three separate outfits to the taping, we also reviewed my outfit selections and decided what I would actually wear and what I would bring along.

One of the best things I did was after I had finished the book I was reading. I have a Kindle Fire, so I decided to download Ken Jennings “Almanac of Trivia” and read the questions out loud. It was quite fun! He has it set up by date (you know, like an ALMANAC), and has a fun fact for that date and then a set of trivia questions that are related to the fun fact. Or related to a random thought that came into Ken’s head because of the fun fact…  We laughed a lot and learned some interesting new tidbits.

And then we slept…

Well, I tried! Toss, turn, toss toss, turn. Bathroom break. Toss turn toss turn, and repeat… I think I might have gotten a total of an hour of sleep, but I did try! I was a little excited and nervous for some bizarre reason!

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