Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I *really* want for Christmas...

OK, yeah, I really was feeling all "peace and goodwill"-ish the other day, but I got over that. ;-) So, having spent Christmas with my sister's family, I've decided that there are some things I really do want for Christmas, or birthday, or whatever. So, here's my materialistic side:
  1. I want a Wii! My favorite bar has one and I learned how to play Wii bowling over a year ago and had a great time. Then my company set up a Wii bowling competition as incentive to get people to contribute to the internal Wiki. Man-o-man, do I love that game! (AND, btw, I rock!) Speaking of rocking, on Christmas day, I played Rock Band... FUN FUN FUN! (And got to introduce my niece and nephew to the Talking Heads... Psycho killer, qu'est que c'est, fafafaFAfa fafafaFAfa *ahem* Sorry...) So yeah... I want a Wii! And I could really use the Wii Fit too so I can lose some weight.
  2. Speaking of weight loss, I also want the Jillian Michaels exercise DVDs. My niece and her roommates have been doing them all semester, and she and my nephew did the advanced exercises on Christmas (while their parents and I relaxed in the La-Z-Boys and watched them - it was great!). I've never really been a fan of exercise tapes, but I like the fact that most of the exercises require you and a floor and that's about it! So... I want to be a smaller Biggest Loser!
  3. Ooooo, and a flat screen HDTV (and HDTV cable, at no extra cost hahahaha, I crack me up) to watch all of it on!
  4. Although I've been arguing on the side of physical books ever since they got competition, I think I'd really like a Kindle. It would be great for reading on the Metro and travelling (if I ever went anywhere anymore), because you would only have to take ONE book-sized object and still be able to read several books. Of course, the down-side is that you can't really share an e-book, and that's part of why I love physical books. *sigh* what's book-aholic to do? heeheehee
  5. And I really do want a kitten for my cat, Calypso. He's lonely!
OK, that's all I can think of at this point. It's almost the end of 2009, so I'm sure I'll have a New Year's post. Can't believe this year went by so fast!

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