Wednesday, January 13, 2010

word play

I was just revising my profile name back to Giggles and I noticed that one of the labels in my last post was "materialistism"... What a great word! I guess it means that I like "stuff" AND I have a tendency to make lists? Both true. But really, what it's all about is that I love a good typo... it gives one the opportunity to create a new word. I have a friend who used to give me great typos all the time, but she found spell check -- and I realized that she thought I was making fun of her when I came up with definitions for the words she created. I wasn't, honest!

The Washington Post used to have a columnist named Bob Levey, and he had a monthly neologism contest: he would provide a definition and invite readers to submit the new word to which the definition belonged. I loved the contest, but never won. My sister won, twice, but we came to the conclusion that she was good at coming up with words from definitions, whereas I am good at creating definitions from messed-up words!

Amazing really, considering I was more a math major type! :-)

OK, back to work...


Rusty's Gal Snuggie said...

Gee - I wonder who that friend was who's spelling was crap.... just wondering... fer shure

Giggles said...

heeheehee - you know I love ya more'n my luggage!