Friday, January 22, 2010

Coffee and sunshine

It was supposed to snow/sleet/hail this morning, but it is really more of a cold rain. I'm OK with it, but I was among the thousands of people hoping for a huge block-all-roads type of storm so that we didn't have to go to work today. BUT, it's not all bad: I only work 1/2 days on Fridays anyway, so I just have to go in for four hours and then I'm done! And this way I don't slip all over the place... much. ;-)

But today started off extra nice: My normal commute is cross-the-street, take-the-bus-to-the-end-of-the-route, stop-at-Corner Bakery-for-coffee*, walk-three-blocks-to-the-office. It can be made into a bad commute by watching the bus fly by my stop as I'm stuck on the other side of Connecticut Ave because the light hasn't changed. Today, the light changed and then the bus pulled up to the stop RIGHT as I was walking across the street! PERFECT! I scrambled on, and waddled through to a seat in the back (trying not to hit anyone with my bags), and waited until the metro stop when everyone else gets off (just about). Then I slipped over to the empty seat and got comfy. I read my magazine since I didn't have time to pick up the Express, but it was good because I finished it - and I'll get a new one this afternoon anyway!

Then I get to the end of the route at McPherson Square, and I'm walking across the square, headed to the Corner Bakery. Another passenger had gotten off the bus from the front door and so was walking straight toward me at an angle and we almost ran into each other. I stopped and let her go first with an "Oops!" and a giggle and she walked forward, but turned back to say, "You're so pretty!"

I was a bit stunned because that's not something you hear too often after letting someone pass in front of you, but ... and this is key ... I smiled and said, "Thank you!" Sometimes, you've just got to take a compliment, eh?

So yes, it's a gray, rainy, cold morning, but I got a little sunshine this morning. And it's going to be a good day. It might not be like last summer in Kitty Hawk, but it sure feels nice anyway!

*Best coffee in town, I do not lie!

UPDATE: Edited to clarify that the picture posted above is from my vacation last summer in Kitty Hawk, and here are more of them. Yes, I took it. And yes, I really want to be there now. REALLY!

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