Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stress management 101

My friend Daphne is having a bad day. Someone (who we shall call "Miranda") drove her so crazy that she punched the phone. So, being the friend I am, I tried to help... via gmail chat:

me: Sounds like you need to go outside, find a park, raise your arms above your head as you face the sky, screaming your lungs out. Or go throw darts at Miranda's face...

[about 15 minutes later] Daphne: Hey, it worked!

me: Which one?

Daphne: The first.

me: Screaming is always good - less destructive too. Of course, the homeless people in the park might think you belong there...

Daphne: They high fived me

me: LOL - excellent! you're making new friends! LOL

Daphne: yeah. They agreed Miranda's a bitch.

me: bwahahaha

And my work is done...

1 comment:

Mommas Soapbox said...

You are a good friend. LOL

And obviously have some smart homeless people. ;)