Monday, June 21, 2010

I saw Jesus today...

No really!  He was on the bus this morning!  OK, not really.  But I've never wanted to take a picture of a complete stranger SO much in my life!  He got on the DC Circulator in Columbia Heights (I think), a man of African descent, probably around 40, with slightly graying dreads down to his elbows, and a slightly gaunt, handsome face, with deep, very serene eyes.  He wore a cream coloured loose-fitting shirt and black palazzo pants and sandals, and he sat on the edge of his seat with one foot on the ground in front of him and the other on the step down... and he seemed so very comfortable in himself. 

He got off the bus at 14th and P Streets, and I wanted to follow him. 

Maybe it was his serenity, maybe it was the palazzo pants, maybe it was the realization that he looked closer to what Jesus probably really DID look like (although I'm not sure about the dreads...), but... I saw Jesus today and it was cool.


Emily Grace said...

That is awesome. I told an older, very traditional woman this year when she asked me what my Jesus looked like that I know Jesus has dreadlocks. She wasn't amused-- but I'm glad you and I are on the same page. :)

Giggles said...

Now I *know* I should have taken the picture! But how could I? "Excuse me sir, can I take your picture?" "Why?" "Because you look like Jesus!" And you know I couldn't have just SNUCK it... I mean, what would Jesus think?