Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Thoughts - Things I Like

I love the rain.  We've been having big storms lately, with big fat saturated drops that splash happily on your face and suddenly you're sopping... LOVE IT!   Want to go play in it. Except that lightening thing.

Have you seen Inception yet?  Christopher Nolan has a very twisty brain.  Thank goodness!

If I could have dogs in my apartment, Stella, the five-week old Rotty puppy up for adoption on the Washington Humane Society page would be MINE!  She reminds me of Ron.  A very very small (and female) Ron, but...

Hmmm...  Maybe I should move?

Have you gotten addicted to True Blood yet?   I have.  I started watching the Season 1 DVDs a little over a month ago.  And now I'm only one episode behind.  Is there a cure for this?  Don't want it!  Go check out Jessica's blog, it's hilarious!!

My friend from Montana is coming to visit next week.  We will have fun, it is decreed!

Stevie Ray Vaughn is awesome. 

"Unctuous" DOES mean oily, slimy, overly solicitious... like Uriah Heep.   Just ask Webster's Dictionary.  It does NOT mean "delicious".  That's scrumptious. :-)  Not to be bumptious or anything. *snicker*

Speaking of words... I really enjoyed playing Balderdash with my niece and her friends on her 21st birthday.    It was a convivial afternoon, with a bunch of grandgousiers who fnezed.  heehee

And they learned that "hydrating while you dehydrate" is a good rule of thumb for more than just running.

Working half-days on Fridays is really fantastic.  The other four nine-hour days ain't so much fun, but starting the weekend early does NOT suck!

It's nice to know that I have friends and family who care about me.  Especially when I have a panic attack.  Or just need a hug.  Or a giggle.  That IS my name after all! LOL

And my cat is snuggly.

Take care y'all, and be excellent to each other!


Emily Grace said...

Okay, Stella is too cute. And Balderdash was grand(goosier), and my body thanks you for your words of wisdom (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!) And agreed about Christopher Nolan's twisty brain.

Rusty's Gal Snuggie said...

Read Gigs blog - find the dictionary - laugh - put dictionary away and wonder about the price of my education... :-)

I love ya more than my luggage - always.