Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet the new cat, same as the old cat....

Well.... MAYBE!!!

OK, I probably shouldn't put this out here because it's very possible that I will not end up with this cute little girl kitty named Maple*.  I think Maple is a silly name, but I think she might really be a Mabel, which I kind of like.   And she is adorable! And she has a heart on her butt, just like my Caly!  It's meant to be, don't you think?

You all know that I've been thinking about getting a new kitty to give Calypso some company while I'm gone all day, and I think I just fell for this one.  But maybe he'll think he's looking in a mirror?  heh heh heh...  Of course, I have to meet her first, and get approved to have another kitty (by the WHS), and make sure Calycat is OK with her, and figure out how to introduce her into an efficiency apartment with way too much stuff in it...  but wouldn't it be nice?

Meanwhile, one of my friends responded to my email about all of this with an intimation that Calypso might not be the slimmest of felines and this new girl looked all "sweet and delicate" comparatively.  Well, she's got a point!  But Caly used to be a little guy too!  Just because I can, I'm going to show you:

See?  He's just a widdlw BITTY kitty!

Well, he was always a widdlw PSYCHO kitty...

And then he started growing...

Note the little heart on his butt?  Ain't he CUTE???

and growing...

... aaaannnnnnndddd now, for your scritching pleasure... GIGANTOR!!!!

Rub my belly!!!!

Use this computer at your own risk...

Wha - huh?

Yeah, he's just a teeny tiny, eensty weensty, miniscule and minute little 22 lb cat!


*I decided not to post a picture of Maple here because I wasn't sure if it would be polite to do so, but please check her out on the WHS site link!

P.S.  Found this when I went searching for the earlier musical link.  One of my all-time favorite songs...  Enjoy!

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