Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello again

Where have you been?

I just noticed that it's been nearly a month since I've written on this blog, and that's too long! I'm not one of those bloggers who thinks that my followers are waiting with baited breath for my next missive, but I think it's been too long for ME! I need to write - it helps me relax, helps me think, and is just generally a good thing.

I've been too busy lately, and I've been doing a lot of writing for work I guess, so I haven't been spending the time I should on writing down my thoughts and fears and joys etc... And there's been a lot to think about!

I thought of writing the other day after that poor kid killed himself because his asshat roommate live-fed him having sex. The event sparked off a lot of outrage against gay bullying, which got me thinking. I'm pretty sure I would have been mortally embarrassed if anyone put a live-feed on the web of me having sex! Of course it wouldn't have been of any interest, would it? Why is it so much more interesting if it's gay sex?

Maybe it's the fear factor. People are often afraid of something different from their norms - just because it's different. And it's easier to hate or be afraid of it than to open your mind and learn that it's not something to be afraid of! I mean seriously, what does someone else being gay have to do with your own sexuality? Could it threaten it? Only if you let it. Are you afraid that you might somehow be "turned" gay? Then you need to figure yourself out, because the only way you can be turned gay is if you already are. I admit, being gay would be a pretty scary lifestyle: I mean, you'd have to put up with the bullying and sneering of the "straight" crowd. You could be outcast from your pre-established group of friends. You could be disowned from your family. You couldn't have a normal future of finding someone to love and marry and have kids, because that would be illegal in most states.

Gosh, looking at all of that, I wonder why anyone would CHOOSE to be gay?


Note:  This was originally written Oct. 16, but not published until Nov. 9.  Sorry about that!  I thought I had published it already...

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