Monday, November 1, 2010

Weird Monday

November 1st was a wonderful day. Strange, but wonderful!

I woke up very late and very sore, because I ran the Marine Corps Marathon 10k on Sunday (10/31). But, I had scheduled myself to go into the office at 10am, so it was OK. Except the sore legs part, but … whatever…

I had planned to take the whole day off originally, but then I had to move a very important meeting to avoid schedule conflicts so I decided to just work half a day. And then my friend Sharon decided to get married on Monday. (I found out last Friday!) So, I got into the office around 10:15 and left at 3:00! I went home, changed pants and shoes, took the bus back down to Nanny's then cabbed up to the Knights of Columbus in College Park with my friends Wee Eddie, David James, and Christophe. Sharon and Ronnie were married in a lovely, SHORT ceremony officiated by his friend who is a judge. They both looked gorgeous, and they were surrounded by family and friends, and just generally a lot of love. And an open bar. ;-) Life is good!

Ronnie's best friend gave a really funny speech/toast, the cake was decorate with lovely roses… and a Redskins flag and a Ravens flag (Redskins on top, of course). Willie, Sharon's dad, made a lovely toast too and then David James slipped through about six different people trying to stop him to make a drunken toast about Wee Eddie working on 17 years to get Sharon, but no luck! And then he told both Sharon and Ronnie how much he loved them. "Elvis" sang "I can't help falling in love" which turned into a group sing (awesome!) with S&R dancing, and we got a TON of pictures. I was the only one from Nanny's who remembered to bring a camera so I tried to get as much as possible. Then I gave my picture card to Christophe because he has Photoshop and photo paper at home. Problem is I won't see him again until Saturday! Ack! Must have prints! Lol

Anyway - Luke and Montana were kind enough to drive the four of us "cabbies" back to Nanny's afterwards (me in the front with Luke, Eddie in the way back of the SUV, Hooba in the middle of Christope and Montana – what a hoot! Especially Eddie's "trunk driving"). What was funny was that by the time we got there, it felt like it was about midnight… and it was only 8:30pm! LOL We all had a drink and then headed home.

So, I was standing in front of the bus stop at Connecticut and Ordway after checking my "Next Bus" app and finding out the bus was about six minutes away. I looked up and did a double-take. Yes, that was boat heading towards me! I turned to the guys sitting in the bus stop shelter and said, "There's a boat coming up Connecticut Ave!" They, not surprisingly, looked at me like I was crazy. And then they looked down the street, and I heard one of them exclaim, "She's NOT crazy! Look, there's a boat!"

It wasn't a huge boat, but it wasn't a rowboat either. It started a lively discussion on why the heck there would be a boat in this land-locked area. Maybe they heard about the "Connecticut River" during those rainstorms earlier this year? Lake Rock Creek? It was just weird!

And then the bus came and we were still talking about it. We went about a mile further and more people got on, so we asked them if they had seen the boat. "What boat?" Soooo, it turned off somewhere along there! Very weird.

But somehow appropriate for the weirdest Monday I've had in a long while!

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