Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18

(Yep, still working through the Blog-A-Day sweepstakes!  According to them, "Day 18 = What I wore today" - and somehow I translated that in my brain to what happened on the 18th, and what was I wearing.  I think I need some mental help...)

January 18th it was in the 50s – very unusual for a DC January – and it's a holiday.  I was able to walk around in jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweat jacket.  And of course my Timberlands to trudge through the snow… I went to a movie.  What movie?  I have no idea… ;-)

February 18th – recuperating from a fabulous few days in New York City, where I attended the Westminster Kennel Club show, visited the Bronx Zoo and played a lot of Wii with Chats, her dad, kaspi, Max, and Magoo.  It was a lovely time but I was very glad I was able to work from home today, especially in the wake of Snowmageddon last week.  So, of course, I am wearing my jammies all day.  Snuggly and warm!  (And Happy Birthday sister o mine!)

March 18th is my birthday – or rather, the aftermath of my birthday celebration.  Because I was born in Hong Kong, I start my birthday a little after 12:30pm on St. Patrick's Day (yes, I play that International Date Line to my advantage).  On a rainy day like this, I indulged my hangover and sleeeeeeeeeept, still wearing the whatever green I wore yesterday.

April 18th – Daphne and I were scheduled to go pick up a dresser from a horse farm way out in Virginia, but Zipcar called me yesterday to tell me that the car had been in an accident and would not be available.  We rescheduled for next weekend, so I ended up enjoying Earth Day by bundling up in sweats and reading a book out in my park.

May 18th is still dank and damp.  It feels like it's rained for months, but I am in a good mood.  Last week I went with higher level people in my company to Yonkers, NY for a meeting to begin a beautiful relationship with a very well known consumer quality magazine.  Today I was able to tell the rest of our team what we would be doing in our team meeting, so I dressed up a bit. 

June 18th – Ahhhhhh Friday!  I love working 1/2 day Fridays! It's a gorgeous day before the regular summer weather starts in DC, you know, hazyhotandhumid chanceofthunderstormsintheafternoon. I love this weather, just before it turns ugly: warm enough to wear shorts, but not so hot you start sweating as soon as you walk out the door.

Happy Birthday M & E!  July 18th, I went down to Virginia to celebrate my niece's 21st birthday.  While she and her friends groaned and moaned about their hangovers, I reminded them about hydrating while you dehydrate and kicked their butts playing Balderdash.  It was a good day!

On August 18th I am in the middle of the first delivery of my major project so I am wearing black pants and some colory shirt.   Yes, "colory" is a word!  Isn't it?  OK, maybe not.  My brain hurts!!! Oh yeah, and it's raining.  Argh.

September 18th  - Saturday, glorious weather and did I mention it's Saturday?  We released the first phase of Major Project yesterday and it's… yes, I'll say it again!  Saturday!  Maybe some day I'll get caught up on sleep.

October 18th – I slept and worked from home today because I went to the Redskins/Colts game last night with my sister.  Tooo much fun, except for the ending.Weather news came out today indicating that not only did we have record-breaking snowstorms last winter, but the summer was the hottest on record too.  Maybe the Fall will be the most average temps ever? 

November 18th – Ahhh my summer vacation finally begins! (And my mom is back home from the hospital, yay!)  I went to the new Russell Crowe movie sneak preview last night (The Next Three Days – slow to start, but really good!), gone to the doctor's and now I'm getting ready for an evening at the THEeah-tah.  Going to the Kennedy Center to see "Hair" – so what to wear?  Should I dress up in nice clothes?  Nope, I decide to go hippy-chick.  I'm in a tie-dye t-shirt, jeans, tennies, silver rings on every finger, silver feathers in my ears, tiny braids in my hair and glitter ("my own personal starshine" as someone said) on my face.  Let's get groovy people!

And of course, everyone else was wearing nice clothes and I was the only one in "hippy chick chic" … oh well!  It was a blast!

December 18th – I don't know where I'll be or what I'll be wearing.  It's very possible I will be on my way down to Georgia to stay with my parents for a week or so.  If so, I think I'll be wearing something very unusual for me:  jeans, t-shirt, and/or sweats.  If not… probably the same! LOL

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