Friday, November 12, 2010

Three Blogs I Like

According to the November to Remember list, today is when I'm supposed to tell you about three blogs that I can't get enough of.  Disregarding the grammar issues in that last sentence, I still had to think a bit on it because I don't have a lot of time during the work week to read blogs.  There are a few other great blogs that I check out about once a week, but I read the following three blogs just about every day.

In no particular order:
The Pioneer Woman
Officially "confessions, cooking, photography, and home schooling" but truly a treasure trove of hilarious pictorials of Ree Drummond's family, home, and animals;  great stories of her life and travels on the road;  lots of her insecurities and strange sense of humor; and fun contests of trivia, photography, or just to win a Le Creuset french oven or Nikon camera.

My favorite posts lately have been about her basset hound Charlie and the new cat "Kitty Kitty", but I also love how much she loves her family, including her brother Mike whose favorite curse words are "turkey damn butt hell ass!" and the lovely "Things I appreciate about my mom" volumes.  I love the fact that she has a tendency to break into Ethel Merman and that she is just as much of a goof as I am.

All Hail the Pioneer Woman!


*snicker snort*

OK, I'm slightly biased on this one, but it just makes me SO proud!  My niece is a senior in college, learning to be an English teacher.  Her insights and beautiful way of expressing them have made me laugh, cry, and just beam with pride.  She inspired me to write a blog too, so I guess all I can say is "It's all your fault, Em!"

I might have mentioned this one before… ;-)  This is the DC version of a blog that was started in NYC called "Gothamist" which focuses on "local news, events, food, and entertainment for an avid audience of young urbanites." I seriously don't know how I survived without DCist!  I read it in my Google reader, so I am alerted whenever there's a new post, and I must admit, I read almost every one!

"Overheard in DC" and the commentariat are hilarious and I have learned so much about what goes on in the District.  And I love anything which elicits the response of "Sqweeee!" such as the current plethora of lion cubs at the National Zoo and I read the Morning Roundup and Go Home Already features every day.  DCist has figured out how to provide the news of the day with a heavy side of snarky.  RIGHT up my alley!

Look for an "ist" near you - there are quite a few of them!


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