Monday, November 15, 2010

Miss Dependent

Something I never leave the house without:  My cell phone.

It has become my lifeline!  I now use my cell phone as my home phone, so that is not hyperbole.  I can access my email, get texts, make calls (what a concept!), and can check my bank balance.  I check my fantasy football stats, take pictures, look at videos, and can even read books!

Well, I could.  That was before it got stolen on Friday night.  *sniffle*

Yes, it was my fault.  I left it on the bar while I went to the Ladies' Room, but I do that quite often when I have friends still sitting at the bar.  But, apparently, my friend was checking his phone and although he thought it was "hinky" when a guy quickly moved his hand from the bar to his side like he was hiding something, he didn't really realize what was happening.  Until I returned and asked, "Hey, where's my phone?" 

Dang it!  When did I get so dependent on my cell phone?

Well, as I said, it was my own fault.  But, I was able to call Verizon and suspend the service AND, something I didn't realize was possible, I was able to put a password on it by remote!  Who knew?  And why hadn't I done that before?  Because I'm an idiot, that's why.

And why didn't I get insurance for my phone, even after losing it a few months ago (and getting it back)?  Because I'm an idiot, that's why.

Now – the lucky thing is that I have a work cell phone, so I'm not completely isolated.  But, it is a WORK phone, so I really can't use it the same way I used my old phone. 

I still have my old LG enV handset which I could use until I get a new phone.  It's got all my contacts on it.  Well, the old ones anyway.   But it's not a smart phone like my Droid was.  So, I probably can't download books onto it or have all the shortcuts and apps that I was used to having.

So, should I spend the money to get a new Droid or should I just go back to my old non-smart phone without all the bells and whistles? (Does that make it a dumb phone?  Idiot phone?) 

It's a puzzlement.

I just found out that a new Droid phone will be about $500+ so…. Hello LG enV!  It's been so long! lol 

 I don't get my "new every two" discount until 12/25/11, so I think I'll just wait a while on the new phone.   At least until my tax refund…


Anonymous said...

Alright, look. I don't know what it's like to have anything stolen because I have the firm belief that anything not bolted down will eventually get stolen. Thus, leave nothing behind. But I do know what it is like to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no proper 3G super-high-speed-everything-all-at-once reception and being forced to power up the old backup phone with no bells and whistles but a really good antenna. I sympathise with not being able to check sports results, look up email, read news from places I never heard of and last but not least play stupid flash-games.

Truth be told, the entire ordeal was a blessing in disguise. Flash games made me stupid, emails made me frustrated, news infuriated me and my team never wins anything.

You have an interesting blog, I may or may not come back. If I ever have to google Socrates "I drank what?" again I'll probably be back though. But if I don't, I might check up on your latest adventures purely for the entertainment value again.

The end, be well.

Giggles said...

Thanks Alexander! I was able to transfer back to my enV and hopefully I'll feel it was a blessing in disguise too. And now I'll go check out your blog... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I really wish you hadn't. I wouldn't know how to write a personal, interesting, amusing or otherwise trivial blog if my life depended on it.

But as a liberated woman, you're free to do whatever it is you want. Even run for president. It's a brave new world.