Friday, November 19, 2010

A silly self-portrait

Many years ago, I used to listen to the Don & Mike morning show on WAVA radio.  Those two guys were fun, silly, and the music they occasionally played was good.  They would have contests and trivia questions and people would call in to talk to them.  In order to get a better idea of the people with whom they were speaking, Don Geronimo would always ask people "What celebrity do you look like?"  I never thought I would call up to talk to them  -- although the Jeopardy! game (with "Alex Trebek Geronimo") was REALLY tempting! -- but I started thinking about this question.

People would invariably say they were a cross between two people, usually two very attractive people.    So, I thought and thought and eventually came up with "A cross between Julia Roberts and …

... Anne Ramsey."

I figure I'm somewhere in between! ;-)

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