Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I'm supposed to write about the last item I purchased.  Well, I got groceries last night, but really the last "fun" thing I purchased was an e-book.  I found out recently that I could download both the Kindle and Nook apps to my Droid cell phone - and I can buy books through Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble and read them on my cell phone, instead of having to buy an actual Kindle or Nook!  So, I downloaded Kindle and then remembered I had a $50 B&N gift card, so downloaded the Nook.  And bought a book!

It's one of the latest Nora Roberts books, but what I found really fun is that I automatically got three free books with the download.  And they are: Pride and Prejudice (my favorite book), Dracula (which I've never read), Little Women (never read either - I know, shocking!), PLUS samples of two books I've never heard of:  American Assassin and The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus).

Pretty cool!  Definitely a good way to introduce the classics to people who absolutely MUST have the latest techno gadget! ;-)

You can download the classics for free on Kindle also.  I like it.  Now, I will never be stuck without reading material again!  Woohoo!

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