Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I skipped a couple of days, because I think that they are related to today's topic - so I'm going to bunch 'em up together.  The topics for Days 21, 22, and 24 are:  "Something that makes me rather happy", "Something that I miss", and "Something that means a lot to me". 

The "something" that makes me rather happy should really be "someone" or "the people who" because I'd have to say it's my nieces and nephew.  I've been so happy to find that they have all grown up into amazing people.  They're intelligent, talented, kind, and they are funny.  They are all gorgeous and they just make me so happy to KNOW them, much less to be related to them!    And they like me! They really really like me! (Thank you, Sally Field! heehee)

I really don't miss a lot of things (vs. people), but I think the thing I miss the most is playing my piano.  Yes, I live in an efficiency apartment and I have a piano (upright, natch).  Problem is that I haven't gotten it tuned since I moved in three years ago, and therefore have not played it at all since then.  I played a bit at my sister's house over Thanksgiving, but I would really love to spend a few hours with my music!  It's so relaxing and I think I might need the stress therapy!

As for something that means a lot to me, I'd have to say my friends.  Being single (not by choice) has it's good side, but when you are experiencing the bad side, good friends are like gold.  It's hard sometimes to be alone, but good friends have a way of reminding you that you are not alone, and that can just lift you up in ways you never thought.  And MY friends make me laugh… a LOT.  I love that we have catch phrases that mean nothing to anyone else, but we can just say the words and bust out laughing.  Like "HOW DARE YOU!!!"  or "F*#$ me and grow a beard" or "Shepherd's Pie" or "Plural" (in a Scottish accent) or just pulling your lip when you talk.  And now I can't stop giggling…

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